(English) Somatheeram: Visiting India’s finest Ayurvedic resort in Kerala

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Indiens führender Ayurveda-Resort mit komfortablen und in raditioneller Bauweise erstellten Bungalows inmitten eines Garten Edens.

India’s leading Ayurveda-Resort with comfortable, tradiditional bungalows in the middle of a Garten Eden.

Somatheeram has been awarded and classified many times as „Best Ayurveda Heritage Resort“ and  is simply a perfect hideaway with captivating and comfortable surroundings located 21 km south of Trivandrum International airport near famous Kovalam beach in Kerala.

Located in the southern tip of India, Kerala is indeed the handiwork of a Goddess with a green thumb. Therefore Kerala is known as „God’s own country“. It’s green all over with never ending stretches of coconut palms, paddy fields, gum tree plantations, beautifull lakes and rivers streching down as far as 300 kilometers.

The ayurveda doctors of the Somatheeram welcome you

The ayurveda doctors of the Somatheeram welcome you. Photo: GMC Photopress/Gerd Müller

Here at Somatheeram, one of the first Ayurveda resorts, established in 1985, the day breaks calm by the lovely sound of many birds and serene, spreading a bliss of sunshine – ambled along the paved walkways amid the terraced gardens, surrounded by lush green trees and colourfull flowers.

Etheral calm pervades the place at sunset and soft music flows like a fragrance far out in the sea. A thousand lights gleam from the fishing rafts matching the heavens lit by countless stars.

Idle away in a swinging hammock beneath the shady coconut palmtrees or practice Yoga overlocking the endless horizon of the beach 50 meters below the resort packed with fishermen boats. The noontide is cool, the breaze robs the heat away. Bathe in the brilliant morning sun on the beach or board a raft or a catamoran to explore the coast from the sea.

Above the endless beach you will enjoy the view to the ocean

Above the endless beach you will enjoy the view to the ocean. Photo: GMC/Gerd Müller

The Somatheeram cottages offered are the most cosy and comfort retreat. The finest features of traditional Kerala architecture make each building a unique piece of art.  Carved buttresses, pillars and doors adorn every structure. The winding pathways across the courtyards leading to the houses are fringed with granite sculptures, all merging with the beauty of the land.

Awarded Ayurveda hotspot for many years

Somatheeram has won many national and international awards for excellence in tourism. Ever since its founding in 1985, Somatheeram Ayurveda Resorts prime concern has been to give high quality Ayurvedic therapheutic facilities and treatments to the guests coming from across the seven seas.

They provide an exposure to the hitherto hidden secrets of the unique Indian health system of medicine and are committed to this vedic science in both theory and practise. The Government of Kerala recognised and classified the Ayurvedic center as a „Green leaf“, one of the highest awards you can get in India.

Die hohe Kunst der ayurvedischen Behandlungen für ausländische Gäste hat auch das Somatheeram in Kerala perfektioniert. Bild: z.V.g.

The perfect ayurvedic treatments to cure your health problems

Ayurveda is gaining popularity all over the world

Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine; it is indeed a science and a way of living a healthy and serene life(-style). Orginated in India around 3000 BC, and pioneered by renowned sages Sushutra, Charaka and Vagabatha, this ethnic and unique system of medicine is still en vogue and it is gaining popularity and acceptance all over the world.

Legend has it that Ayurvedic system of medicine was instructed to the ancient sages by the God’s themselves. Ayurvedic theraphy is integral to the very spirit and essence of the place. Ayurvedia experts its emphasis more on the preventative rather than the curative aspect of theraphy and orientates itself towards a healthy end enlightened lifestyle. Ayurveda encompasses a world view that is ecological and eco-centric in spirit. And in Somatheeram an in house production unit operates to ensure the quality of the medicines prepared. A garden of rare flora species and precious medical herbs is nurtured under ideal conditions.

250 diverent dished created by Ayurvedic doctors

Have a seat, relax and enjoy the ayurvedic buffet

Have a seat, relax and enjoy the ayurvedic buffet

Somatheeram offers a variety of therapheutic packages for all seasons including the monsoon, which according to the ayurvedic system is the most appropriate season for thorough medical care. The programmes include rejuvenation theraphy, various clinical treatments and a healthy beauty care. The Somatheeram research team of doctors has developed an Ayurvedic menu of around 250 dishes according to your dosha type and the personalised treatments.

The art of Yoga and the benefit from doing it

The resort conducts seminars and workshops on Ayurveda to propagate this ancient Indian system of medicine at home. Books and CD’s on Ayurveda will help you to do so, when you are back home. Of course Yoga is an essential discipline and philosophy coming along with your ayurvedic treatment and lifestyle. Yoga is one of the six elements of Indian philosophical thoughts.

Yoga is a great way to stay in shape. Photo: GMC

Yoga is a great way to stay in shape. Photo: GMC

The varoious elements of yoga, such as yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, sadhana, dhyana and samadhi are steps designed to bring about an equanimity of mind and equilibrium of the body. The practice of yoga relieves one of mental stress and enables him/her to address life with ease and calm.

For further informations please contact:

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, Chowara, P.O., South Kovalam, Trivandrum, Kerala, Indien,

Tel. +91 471 226 81 01, Fax + 91 471 226 76 00, mail@somatheeram.in, www.somatheeram.in



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