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The non-profit foundation myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership, is an international initiative with Swiss origins. Founded in 2002 as an ETH Zurich spinoff, myclimate is among the world leaders when it comes to voluntary carbon offsetting measures. Science-based and market-oriented, myclimate offers a comprehensive package of services for offsetting in accordance with the principles of „avoid – reduce – offset“ and „do the best and offset the rest“. To implement climate protection measures as effectively and efficiently as possible, myclimate has established an international network of project partners and representatives who act on behalf of myclimate in their countries.

Efficient and effective use of donations

In accepting donations from voluntary carbon offsetting, myclimate is committed to reducing the corresponding amount of CO2 emissions. myclimate guarantees that the amount of CO2 that is reduced is at least the same as the amount generated by the donor. As a non-profit organisation, myclimate further guarantees that at least 80 percent of offset payments are channelled into carbon offset projects. By international comparisons, this represents one of the highest figures.

High-quality carbon offset projects

myclimate carbon offset projects meet the strictest international quality standards (CDM and Gold Standard). Apart from reducing greenhouse gases, these projects demonstrably contribute to sustainable development in the region. Therefore, both the local population and the climate benefit.

Project development, financing and coaching

myclimate evaluates and selects carbon offset projects very carefully. The foundation accompanies the project partners in the respective countries from the outset and maintains a close and collaborative relationship with them. By entering the scene early on as a trusted coach, myclimate can influence the development of the project and ensure compliance with its high quality standards.

Guaranteed emission reductions

myclimate guarantees its clients the best possible use of donations through the validation of carbon offset projects at their beginning as well as annual verification of the achieved emissions reductions in accordance with the UN standard and/or the Gold Standard. The Foundation’s support of carbon offset projects is performance related, i.e. according to actual and declared emission reductions. The donations are accordingly only invested in projects once the emission performances have been ascertained by an external UN-recognised certification organisation such as SGS, TÜV or DNV. myclimate guarantees its clients that emission reductions that have been bought (= offset payment donations) are realised in carbon offset projects within two years and retired at the latest after three years.

International recognition

International surveys have reviewed myclimate and recommended it as one of the world leading carbon offset providers. Some of the factors that prove decisive in these appraisals are the high-quality carbon offset projects, the transparency, the user-friendly CO2 calculators, as well as the non-profit organisation status. The constantly growing, responsible client base of the dedicated NGO also shows the broad recognition and credibility.


myclimate is committed to raising awareness and expanding the information available regarding the topic of climate change: Through a range of projects with apprentices and students, exhibitions, simulation games and many other activities, myclimate promotes a climate-conscious lifestyle. For businesses, myclimate develops custom-made CO2 and climate calculators. In addition, you can read how the rising CO2 emissions affect Switzerland and its population in the handy, pocket-sized climate booklet. Furthermore myclimate provides you with a new climate tip every week on its website which helps you to combat climate change in everyday life. This is how myclimate is working toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the source.


Global warming is a global problem! That is why myclimate is building a global network of myclimate representatives and is already represented in numerous countries. Similarly, myclimate develops carbon offset projects in collaboration with experienced partners from the respective project countries.

Tax exemption

myclimate and myclimate Germany are  charitable organisations and are therefore tax-exempt in Switzerland and Germany. Any and all offset payments, donations and contributions to myclimate are tax-deductible in all cantons and in Germany. Download the tax exemptions here!

(Source: myclimate)

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